Single Board PCs
I've been following single board PCs for awhile now. They seem to be getting faster and faster.

Are there any that you know of that are out, or coming out soon that could handle PS2 emulation?

This is one of the most powerful I've seen so far... But I don't think it is good enough.

I'd prefer to keep it running windows, but will happily run linux on it if need be.

Any other advice?

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that? powerful? Mellow that's some slow media center. more like "dvd" player not a gaming rig.

you might try such a budget miniPC only if they have atleast an A8 or A10 with somewhat above 7200/7300 and 2.0Ghz.
That thing couldn't handle any sort of PS2 emulation period, I don't think.
Yeah, that's really weak for pcsx2. It's wise to get a better rig.
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That's slower than my old school netbook. I wanted to put my netbook into a trash compactor. Nothing will run on that.
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I know this is isn't powerful. It is just the most powerful that I have found. I didn't know if anyone knew of anything else that was more powerful. I know this isn't powerful enough to run pcsx2.

That's why I am asking for advice.

Do you have any mini PC suggestions?
Hmm, that may be a good idea for a PC for my father to learn how to use a PC. I have a spare monitor, keyboard, mouse. Just find a cheap HDD and slap it in there and can set him up his own computer room.
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You never really gave a budget
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(02-04-2015, 08:27 PM)Nobbs66 Wrote: You never really gave a budget

I have an SSD, and plenty of ram that I can toss into anything barebones. I'd like to spend around $400 if possible. I can spend more if need be. I'm more concerned about it running PCSX2 well than cost.
The AMD C70 is way way too slow for PCSX2.

Your best bet is to get a new NUC with the fastest CPU/GPU available. I think the newest ones comming out are with i7-5557U and Iris 6100. See here

Though this too would only be good for PCSX2 games which don't require very fast CPU/GPU.

The NUCs do have very nice form factor though, but they're not very cheap.

I think some time ago there were several announcements about systems with this kind of form factor, possibly as steam-machines (especially GigaByte brix line which IIRC should have had discrete GPU on some configs), but I don't know if they're available for purchase.

Right now, if you want a machine with small form factor, just get a 14" gaming laptop for ~$1000, and hide it someplace (but with good air flow). This should at least play many games on PCSX2 with 2x or more resolution.

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