I've been searching this and other forums but can't seem to find a conclusive answer.
I'd like to use pcsx2 to play singstar - I know the USB mics can be plugged in and recognised on the PC apparently, but does the emulator support them?


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Nope,USB emulation is practically non existent at this can only wait and hope someone picks it up and makes a working USB plugin
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If you want to play singstar on a pc you can use the software Ultrastar. But you'll have to get a program to extract your songs from the singstar game and play them on your computer..
ah - shame.
Well at least I won't spend hours trying to make something work that won't!

I'll look into ultrastar again as it's been a while and there were only a few tunes you could get on it when I looked then.

Necromancing old thread: anyone, try this and give feedback.

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