Hello, I was trying to play Siren for a while now. After trying lots of versions, betas, revisions, speed hacks, and plugins, I've managed to obtain playable visuals and a speed between not-so-acceptable to a-little-acceptable which is around 40 fps.

My system is:
WindowsXP SP3
PIV 3.0 HT enabled (can overclock to 3.2, if it will help)
2gb 667
8600GTS 512mb

PCSX2 is:

Version 0.9.6


EE x3 cycle rate and all others on.


Both Clamp Modes are None.

I know my cpu is the problem but as I learned from looking at other threads around, I see some people can manage to play games with PIV at an acceptable frame rate. I guess Siren shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Can you please help me to speed this thing up? Any advice? Other than buying a C2D 3.0 of course.

(This is my first post but I was around these forums for at least a year. Thanks for all the help and kindness.)

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Try to go for vista (any package also can) because the DirectX10 will give more extra FPS

(note: You cannot expect with the HT technology P4 solid full speed for many games. Due to limitation of 2 (x1.5) core compare to C2D(x2), C2Q(x4) and I7)
No you will not get any more speed with that cpu, Although you have a good graphics card. Its better to stick with 2D games for now as you would get better performance with them.
I'll try Vista soon. I have both Vista and XP licences. I think it's right time for Vista. I hope it helps a little.

Hmm. 2D you say.

Thank you.
yeah hes right im afriad, Pentium 4's are very poor slow processors. If it is socket 775 you could possibly swap it out for a Core 2 chip, you can get one that will destroy your P4 for a 2 digit sum of money Tongue
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