Siren (Forbidden Siren 1) graphics
Just tried Siren on latest PCSX2 (too hard for me on PS2 without savestates) and there is problem with graphics. If I use HW DX11 or HW DX9 I see solid gray instead of floor and other "lower" textures. On software modes is everything OK, but it has heavy impact on GPU load (GS: 100%). On HW modes (with bad GFX) is GS: 30% +/-. I tried maybe all combination of settings (filtering, scaling resolution...) with no effect.
My PC:
Core i3
4GB DDR3 1333
ATI HD5830
SSD Kingston

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1-not a valid bug report
2-it is gsdx bug not an emulation bug
i think that you have to put it on plugin discussion and support
and about that gs reading is too high in software mode is normal
if it better use it without fear
i dont have to say it every time some body asks so just read this
Sorry, my mistake (or my bad non-native english)... I didn't mean that I wonder why is GS:100%, I mean I just don't like it Smile If I post in wrong part of forum, please MODs move it where it belongs. Thanks!
Hello, i'm using latest SVN build (5670) and in siren 1 i have this crap instead of fog:

[Image: siren.png]

in reality it should look like that:

I'm using default settings, just corrected controls and that it
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Open your own thread please.
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