SkipDraw for Yakuza
With the latest incarnations of PCSX2, is it possible to turn on the SkipDraw fix? I'm attempting to play Yakuza 2, but I get all kinds of odd glitches based around blurriness. Sometimes the whole screen will be blur central, other times it will only blur a section of the screen.

My build of PCSX2 doesn't seem to have an ini file present. Your probably all gonna just tell me to make an ini file named "config" or something right? xD.

Anyway, anyone know how to manually turn on the SkipDraw fix/hack for Yakuza with the latest builds?

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yeah you need to edit the GSdx.ini in the ini's folder ;p change the line from AllowHacks=0 to AllowHacks=1
If you don't have an ini folder in the same directory as PCSX2, check your 'my documents' folder... Should be a PCSX2 folder in that with the inis folder.
Found it in the My Documents folder. Many thanks.

Any suggestions on how much to set it to for this game?
skipdraw defaults to 3.

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