Skype or Teamveiwer help?`
This annoying question has been asked for a long time.
How come my screen is white?

I think my computer can handle it.
Im sure it can. i really want remote help.

Skype x13unnyx.

hope this site isn't abandoned .

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That's $100 up-front please.
(Seriously, you're requesting live help here? Tongue2)
Wow the community is turning to *****
Would it be okay if I phoned you now and walk you through configuring PCSX2? xD
(05-22-2011, 05:37 AM)Auradubstep Wrote: Wow the community is turning to *****

you honestly expect us to go and have a live one-on-one troubleshooting help session because you can't fix your problem yourself?

we get hundreds of ungrateful users a week asking for help with pcsx2. we already do enough work as is trying to help them on the forums free of charge.

we are not a professional call-center getting paid to help people with their problems. we are doing this free of charge out of our own good intentions. it is despicable when ungrateful users come on here acting like we owe them anything.

anyways, that said the mac port of pcsx2 isn't really supported by the official pcsx2 team. it is an attempt by zedr0n to bring pcsx2 to mac. but its not as up-to-date as the official windows/linux builds and is bound to have additional problems.

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Your not exactly nice people either if you think im MAKING YOU DO IT!, look at what i said.
I'm asking. you don't have to, if someone needed help i would, Especially if you have the time to write a big ass speech against me.
It seems to me you had a ***** day, and want to take it out online.
Sorry, for asking for help.
You named this thread as "Skype or Teamveiwer help?". If the PCSX2 team's members answered just simple "No!", you would have to be satisfied with that answer, too. It's not exactly nice of you to push somebody who gives you something good (far beyond good in this case) to do something like this for your own sake.
This is a COMUNITY FORUM which means that an answer for one can become a solution for a hundred more, eventually.

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