Slight problem thats been happening i wanted to ask
Ive been playing KH2 final mix and sometimes, its very random, cutscene freeze. No warning, no error message on the console, just freeze. I also have had a problem with tales of rebirth. Everything's running perfect and smooth. But then randomly when transitioning back across the screen in a dungeon, it freezes on a black screen. Sounds still going, no error message either.

I have a evga gtx 550 with a Core i7 2600k if that helps diagnose anything.

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Skip the scene?
I COULD skip it, but i really do enjoy watching the story scenes. Is there a limitation of my pc i didnt take into account a hack i should have enabled?? Also, if im playing rebirth and it just randomly happens, im kinda screwed. i have to pray to god i saved recently.
Maybe its just the ISO you are playing, or are you playing from disk?
Try using a different one and see if you get the same problem.
I have, it just happens randomly. I haven't messed with any settings on the emulator yet, its all default,
What version of the emulator are you using?
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Any speed hacks/game fixes on? Any non default settings?
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its an mtvu freeze, happens often if using save states instead of doing a memory card save and reload between play sessions
So i should use only saves and never save states to prevernt this, right?

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