Slight problem with FXII IZJS
EDIT : SOLVED, you needn't read this wall of text, unless you want to laugh at me! ^^

Hello! I'm sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but I can't seem to find anything about it.

I'm getting quite familiar with pcsx2 now having played many games with it and I can usually find an optimal setting for most games.

For FFXII, I have found a comfortable setting with nice graphics and optimal running speed, but there is one constant problem I can't seem to avoid whatever I try : The health and MP bars do not display.(on the bottom right of the screen in fields, the ones over characters heads are normal). The numbers are displayed correctly, but the bars are just not there.
Same thing for the blue flashing line on the map that indicate where the exits are, it looks like there's a blurred small blue line but it's barely visible.
This is the ONLY texture that's been missing so far (I'm about 2 hours in)

Now this is by no means a game-breaking glitch, but is there any easy way to fix this?

(My current settings is pretty much everything default on EE/IOP, VUs and GS, with a custom 1920X1080 resolution and a hardware D11 plugin with minor tweaks.)

Don't know if my PC specs are revelevant, but I have an i5 quad core, with 8 GB DDR3 Ram and a Nvidia GTX 660

EDIT: I figured I should add a here!

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That is normal. IZJS ditched the HP/MP bars.
As for the flashing zone line, I am not sure.
Oooooh well I feel dumb, I went on youtube too to make sure this wasn't the case and I saw videos with yellowish bars under hp/mp and figured that was a bar, seems said bar doesn't even go down at all >.<.

Welp, thanks for the info haha, sorry for the stupid question
Those yellow bars are the quickening bars. AKA everyone has a max of 3 quickens so they will also have a max of 0-3 bars under the HP/MP numbers.

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