Slight problem with text
Hello everyone ! I hope your evening is going alright .

If i come here tonight, it's to share a little problem i have with pcsx2 1.5
I decided i'd like to play some good old Makai Kingdom, but i stumbled upon a minor problem , but that makes the experience of gaming not as good as i wanted :Tongue2

When i first launched the game, i realised the resolution was quite bad :

I then changed the resolution, but another problem appeared : as you can see , a blue circle is supposed to show me the area of effect of the skills of my charachters. With the higher resolution, this circle became next to invisible.

but, more important, the text seems buggy for some reason, and sometimes it make it a bit rash for the eyes.

Anyway, as i said, it is a minor problem, but i'd like to solve it, it's still more pleasant to play in a higher resolution

Have a nive night everyone !

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Go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings, set Renderer to "OpenGL (Hardware)", turn on "Enable HW Hacks", go to Configure Hacks. Enabling the "Unscale Point Line" hack there should improve the circle thickness. Try the dfiferent Round Sprite and Sprite options to see if they resolve the text issues. If those don't help you can also try the "Half-pixel Offset", "Wild Arms Offset" and TC Offsets.

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