Sloooow emulation.
I've been tinkering with the config menus and I can't really seem to consistently break the 10fps mark. The sound also keeps pace with the video, which I think is a good thing even though it's choppy because of the slow video.

My comp has:

XP w/ SP3
1.6 AMD turion 64 bit
1Gb 800Hz RAM
NVidia GeForce 7200, 256MB Graphics

Is this laptop too slow? Or do I need to just tinker with the config menus more? I have looked over the guide and I'm still getting these results after messing with CPU, Graphics and Sound config menus.

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cpu way to slow
(02-21-2010, 07:51 AM)Todd318 Wrote: cpu way to slow

I actually got the emulation to get to an almost normal speed. Still too slow and cracky, but it's a step. I turned off interlacing and turned my graphics to sse2. Can I still improve on this, or is the cpu slow?
Okay, so I've been messing with my roommate's comp and he's got plenty of hardware to support pcsx2. 3GB RAM and 2.0Gb dual core 64 bit.

Now, It'll say Sony Playstation on boot, the camera will dive into the blue mist and then it'll crash. What's wrong?
That's just the bios loading, probably means you have a bad cdvd configuration so please check your settings again. Also providing any more info like what you are using at the moment would help.
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