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Hello everyone who uses these forums. I have a a simple question that most likely have a simple solution. I am getting crappy frames when i play some games with PCSX2. the only game i really dont have trouble with is MVC2 :-P so if their is anyone or some people out their that can help please please im waiting to learn. If you need more info please let me know.

Computer specs if needed are as followed.
OS Vista 64bit
VGA 9800gt
Ram 4gigs
PC Intell Core 2 duo 8400 3.0

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have you tried to disable windows aero?
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im playing persona 4 at the moment and i noticed that if the framerate drops too low, the voiceovers become really slow (because of the time shift option trying to sync with the low fps) making people sound drunk, lol.

the best solution, i found, is to use VU Skip at 0/40/0/4. things look a little blurry, but it keeps the audio going at a normal pace. you may need to increment or decrement the last number (the underlined one) to tweak according to what fits your machine and preference. this option keeps my game going at a good speed.

MTGS is a definite plus. i noticed also that the cpu is a big bottleneck (ie. resolution changes have 0 effect on my fps). any sort of overclocking you can do will give you a big boost.
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i had the same problem try disabling speedstep tech in your bios. This helped for me. Or just wait for like 10 min ingame and the game would speed up eventually. It has something to do with the Mtgs option.
I'm suggesting you to look this:

Easy method is to reduce GSdx plugin D3D Internal res from 1024x1024 to 800x800 or 600x600 in some games Wink
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