Slow Gaming, any help?
So, i have this game, nba street vol.2, after some configurations in the PCSX2 speedhacks, in the menus it's seems to be perfect.. but.. when a basketgame is about to start, when the players comes out.. it slow down to 4% :/... so dont know what's happening...

this is my PC:
Dual Core 1.8ghz =(, w. vista ult. x64
video: gforce 8500 gt 1gb
ram: 3.25gb
hdd: 300gb

any suggestion... thanks!

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Your PC's not good enough to put it simply.
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(05-10-2009, 05:07 PM)Sythedragon Wrote: Your PC's not good enough to put it simply.

RATS! ='(... no money to new pc or ps2.. well.. lets go back to nba live as always.. arg! thanks anyways Smile
dude u can try configuring your CPU to Dual core mode...
Its a bit faster...

Go to Config>>CPU>>MTGS Mode....

Hope myadvice cud b useful...
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Should i cry or laugh on this thread because my PC was lower spec than yours!

Here's my spec:
Dualcore 3.0GHz
Video : ati x1550
ram : 2gb
hdd : 80gb

ahahaha, screw r8? but i really thankful for anyone who could help me the best config for PCSX2 for my PC? he5x...

thanks a lot b4...

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