Slow Motion/Turbo Adjust GUI Info lack
About that section.
Only in guide we can find how to use it. In emulator there is no any information about that these modes are enabled by TAB and Shift and they can't be used when Frame limiter is enabled. And also they're not grey when you untick to enable frame limiter.
Me feelings about frame limiter are mixed since sometimes F4 presses automatically and there is no OSD showing in-game what's going on with game; the same with turbo/slow motion. I know that it shows in console. But for casuals it will be usefull. But it's for future.
Info about Turbo/Slow Motion you can just add in line of text.
Also NTSC/PAL framerate is always grey, it can be changed, only by edit pscx2_vm.ini.
Here is a screen illustrating problem.
Thank you forbearance.

As i thought, recently same problem had one one user here:
OSD would be good. For example - when by accident you deactived 60 FPS limit the OSD will appears notice: If your game is running to fast press F4 for FPS limit etc. But i guess it'll abandon for unspecified future...

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