Slow Motion in 0.9.7
Since there isn't a way to enable slow motion (yet), it can be achieved by playing with settings.

Set Base Framerate Adjust to 50%
Turbo Adjust to 100%

Then, while in-game, you can leave it in Turbo mode, which we've set to regular game speed.
You can turn Turbo off by pressing TAB, which brings it down to half speed.
You can go faster than normal by pressing F4, which turns off all frame limiting.

What it's like in gameplay is: Tab to toggle Slow/Normal, F4 to go turbo.

I just have to say I looooove getting to do this on emulator. I hate games with slow text or walking speed, and also games that require precise timing. Thanks devs!
Thanks to everyone who works on PCSX2 and its components. It's awesome to play on PC and it just keeps getting better!

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