Slow audio
I'm experiencing a strange issue with the audio being awfully slow in game.
For example, in the starting screen of .hack//Infection i hear slowed down sound, despite all values being ok (normal FPS for NTSC, EE, GS etc lower than 30%), and video being fluidly playing.
I have all recommended speedhacks turned on and... well, don't know what info you could use about this.

Oh, just starting .hack//Infection, the demo sequence plays smoothly even in audio, then advancing on the selection screen, audio begins slowing down; waiting for the demo to re-play, it then plays slowed down instead.

Any clues?

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Change sound plugin? Remove speedhack and try to use more trivail sound settings.
Why you ever set up speed hacks if have that low figures in the gauges and a fluid play?
Actually that suggest you have something very wrong already in the inis or your machine is a monster not seen yet.

That's because neither EE or VU cycle things are recommended hacks, only sorely needed hacks most of times. Among the known undesired effects from them are lags, stuttering and choppering sound, desync with the scene and so on.

So if EE is above the first step and VU above the second you have very non recommended hacks, even that setup is too much for some games.

But that's is, Zeydlitz synthesized everything already in his post. The symptoms suggest you are using some async Mix or "none" attempt to to synchronize the sound at all in the sound GUI.
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You are sure you get full 60FPS >while< the audio slows down?
Lowering audio settings to recommended (except i can't for some reason set XAudio2, i get an error) and toggling off speedhacks i get EE always around 99% and some slow down during sequences (of FPS, so both video and audio) but it seems it is regualrily synchronized now.
Thanks, i'll use this same topic if i get more problems on this matter.

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