Slow down gameplay below the normal 60 fps
Is there any way to slow down the gameplay below the standard of 50/60fps ?
I only seem to be able to let the game either run at the normal fps of the game or the "turbo" mode wich lets the game run at the the pc's ful potentiel wich is 200/300 fps.
Tried changing some value's in the frame limiter but that seems to have no effect at all, but maybe i'm doing something wrong?

Normally not the cheating kind but i'm playing FFX at the moment and the chocobo training races and the lightning dodging game is driving me mental.
Spent 2 hours trying the chocobo races and still cant pass the hyper dodger chocobo race.
Wanted to try those at lower game speeds.

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Change the value for turbo to less than 100.

So if you want the game to run at 25% speed, set it to 25.

Then activate turbo.

It works both ways.
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I think that if you press "Shift" + "Tab" it will go into "slowmo" mode.

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