Slow downs here and there even though never dropping beloew 60FPS??
i dont get it... ive made sure that vsync is off and crap, also, when i start the game up i notice in the output in green it says framelimiter at 59.9 FPS... is this somethin i can change???

its Way of the Samurai 2

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Turn off all speed hacks as well.

And also check if vsync is enabled by your graphics card management software (eg. Nvidia Control Panel or ATi CCC)
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i have vsync forced off for everything, i actually added a small speed hack to like... try and even it out... but then sometimes i go ... fast >,>
The vu cycle stealing causes this. The higher you put it the more likely it will happen
(10-24-2009, 10:06 AM)bkwegoharder Wrote: The vu cycle stealing causes this. The higher you put it the more likely it will happen

where do i change this then O,o
It's a speedhack in the betas, all speedhacks can have unpredictable results.

Let me ask you tho, are you sure it's always 60FPS? I mean you see it in the slow parts in the window title bar saying 100% speed or with a counter or something? or is it just the green framelimiter message in the PCSX2 console you're talking about.
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Oh? speedhack may have the opposite effect?!.

If you have a screen 24 "I heard about this kind of effect ...
I think I had something similar happen in Xenosaga Ep1. Most of the time I had 60fps or very close to it. At certain points it was like slow motion even though the fps didn't indicate that it was going slower. It only happened in very specific areas. VU Cycle stealing caused some slowdown(mostly in battles) in some cases but some must have been caused by something else. It kept happening with all hacks off.

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