Slow game and joystick
Hello, guys, I followed the guide to config., but I'm facing some problems.

I heard that my PC is more than enough to emulate it, so...

1) I'm playing WWE AllStars... the game is slow, although it's not really laggy.

2) Even config., the joystick is a little bit insane... The buttons ( X and so on ) only works when I'm holding R1 and R2, that makes no sense at all.

But the arrows seems to work correctly.

By the way, I couldn't even start the game before... I had to change both VUs to superVU Recompiler (legacy) so the app wouldn't crash.

Thank you all!

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Are you using PCSX2 v0.9.8? Post your full PC specifications
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I'm using the version available to download, I think it's 0.9.8...

I have 2.8 Phenom QuadCore.


GeForce 250 GTS.

Windows 7 64 bits.
(11-12-2011, 04:00 AM)XQuantum Wrote: GeForce 250 GS.

that video card is causing that slowdowns very low on gddr attributes
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GIFTAG warning, size exceeded VU memory size 400

I was having this error at the very beginning.

That's a good video card o_O
Maybe or may not be for pcsx2/.

Ignore that GIFTAG error. happens here too. Smile
Did you try frameskip, speedhacks etc. Change the pc power plan to High Performance. TRy altering between Allow 8-bit Texture in GSDX.

Post a screenshot of your Lilypad Plugin Configuration, because what you said is not likely to happen.
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I don't understand anything about these video configs. you said, I don't know how to do it although I know where to find it =/
So, I configured the Joystick and everything was fine, but suddenly the game speed up and the graphics sucked...

I tried to reconfig. but it didn't help, I need help here =/
You mean the game speed up but the graphics was bad. So try 2x Native and disable Speedhacks. Speed and Quality needs to be maintaned. Speed Increases, Quality may/may not decrease.
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This is strange, guys... here I am playing WWE Allstars... the game is Okay, but when I win the match the game suddenly speeds up, and if I try to config., it becomes slows... x.x

Edit: Now the game is slow... any tip to speed it up A LITTLE bit?

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