Slow load times after restarting PCSX2
Computer Specs.
Rtx 2080Ti
I9 9900X
Running all games and PCSX2 off a SSD
Ill leave out my other hardware as ill assume its adequate.

I was playing Transformers 2004 armada all day yesterday on the development build V1.7.0 1741 game was running flawlessly and beautifully after taking a break (restarting the program)
It was very very slow to load the game back up like it was running at 1fps even though the window shows its running at 60fps.
I havnt changed any settings in PCSX2 between the restart.
I downloaded the newest dev build and ran the game with the same settings as before and it ran perfectly until i restart the program then it back to the same issue of booting very slow.

I had a issue previously when playing god of war with huge stuttering i found that this issue was caused by my harddrive beening maxxed out 100% load this is why ive moved all my games to its own seperate SSD.

Settings below.

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Disable MTVU for Transformers , it's one of the few that doesn't like MTVU:

You don't need 8x upscaling, drop it to 4x, and that's a ton of Upscaling and Rendering hacks
Thanks for the response, the problem is the game is running fine with all those settings but after a restart of the program something must change.

Upscaling the game by that much is one of the reason it looks great and in the first instance of pre applying those settings and running the game it boots at full speed.

The only solution i have is to download a different version of pcsx2.
Not sure why i didnt decide to test with other games sooner but i booted up a couple other games (GOW / GOW 2 / Red dead revolver and Jak and daxter) and they booted up fine seems as if the issue is only with transformers.

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