Slow motion?
Hello i need some help.
I downloaded pcsx2 beta r1888 and games like gow 2, shadow of the colossus, dragon ball 3 runs on 100% fps. Now i want to play Tekken Tag Tournament and have problem with slow motion. With speedhacks and on normal frame limit/none i have 180~% of fps and on frame limit i have 100% of fps but i have slow motion -.^ anyone can help?

my pc:
amd athlon II X2 250 3GHz
Geforce 9600GT 512MB
Windows 7 x64

PCSX2 beta r1888
GSdx 1873 SSE2 0.1.15
Speed Hacks:
2x cycle rate
INTC Sync Hack [x]
Enable IOP 2X Cycle Rate [x]
Idle Loop Fast-Forward [x]
VU Cycle Stealing max

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When you use HACKS at max that tell you that they cause UNSTABLE FPS and bugs, what do you think will happen?...
Let me help you. UNSTABLE FPS and bugs.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i changed some speed hacks many times and can't solve problem with slow motion :<

i tried to run pcsx2 r2588 but have problem when choose .iso
[Image: 16azkeh.jpg]
"Application pcsx2.exe stop working.
->Search solution online and close application
->Close application"

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