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'Slow motion' like problem, any help would be appreciated.
Hello, I’m fairly new to this whole thing, and understand that a question like this or something similar has probably been asked before. The problem is that trying to find something specific to my problem is this huge web of other problems people are having has been tricky. Suffice to say I have found anything to help me in the 5-6 times I’ve tried.

So, my problem is that when trying to play a game (sly copper 1) I get very sight ‘lag’ and delay. Everything seems to be going at about 10% slower than it should be (slow motion kind of effect, happens to voices as well), which makes the game unplayable. I don’t know whether this is something to do with how the emulator handles frame rate, my hardware is shoddy, or optimisation problems, but I managed to play around with the settings to get it this ‘good’ and can’t seem to get it any better.

If anyone could point me to what I’m looking that I’d be really grateful, I’ll post my computer specs below.

Processor: AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core
Memory: I’m not entirely sure on the type, but I have 6 Gigs of it
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

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it's your rig both CPU and video card can't hold on to the limit...try enable the [Recommended] tagged speed hacks...for a little boost.
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SUB RIG:i5-4670(3.4Ghz),ATi Radeon HD7770(GDDR5+128-bit+1GB),Win 10 SL(x64),ASUS H8M-E,8GB DDR3 RAM
This article may answer your question.
I happen to have the same issue he has. I know my graphics card is perfectly fine, but im assuming then my cpu isnt good enough:

Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 580 1.5gb.
Please follow similar advice to above. Considering overclocking as an alternative if you're a bit more technical. Your Graphics card is fine however.
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Yea i activated the speed hacks and changed them abit to see if it worked, and for one game it improved the gamplay tremendously. However, i still have one game (The Bouncer) in which the gameplay slows down, and the sounds spikes very loudly when i hit an attack button or when a character moves.
You need to use ZeroSPU2 as sound plugin for the Bouncer, however since you're not getting full speed in there ZeroSPU2 will cause loopy sound.
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(07-21-2011, 08:38 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: You need to use ZeroSPU2 as sound plugin for the Bouncer, however since you're not getting full speed in there ZeroSPU2 will cause loopy sound.

So my best bet is to upgrade my processor? Because i still slow down to 50%. And like you said, Zerospu2 just causes choppy sound effects.

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