Slow performance on Debian testing 32-bit
Hello all,

I have just installed PCSX2 on Linux Mint Debian Edition (which is based on Debian testing). I can configure everything and it does not complain about missing depencies.

But: The output (both graphics and sound) is really slow. It starts and almost get stuck right from the beginning.

My system (a laptop):
Intel Core i5 2,4 GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 (1 GB dedicated RAM)
Linux Mint Debian Edition (32 bit) with 64 bit kernel

I'm not using the proprietary ATI driver at the moment, since this would be complicated to establish. The laptop has switchable graphics (2nd card is an Intel onboard one), so I would have to configure each time I switch the card?!

So: I guess, the reason is, that I am not using the proprietary driver?


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ZZogl-pg with open driver is a bad idea in particular with a not so fast GPU. However are you sure that you have opengl acceleration. Try to check if your CPU-core are fully load
How can I proof that? glxgears is working fluently. I will try to find some resource on how to install ATI drivers with a switchable graphics setup also.
Well try to look at the output of PCSX2 in console. Look if it said direct rendering and did not complains about others stuff. By the way for open driver you need at least gallium mesa 7.11. The best is catalyst

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