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Slow performance on i5 450m
If you want to overclock a laptop think one more time because when it will burn it's too late. Remember also about weak psu that can't handle too much power at once.
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(07-10-2010, 07:02 PM)Acebug5 Wrote: I think i may have to over clock it a little.

no offense, but best thing i've heard all week.

and if i'm not mistaken, doesn't SotC actually lag slightly on the ps2 itself? i coul dbe thinking of another game...

as for dbz, i cant exactly see why that would lag, if at all, even with your setup.
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Hey, a 310M isn't the worst case scenario. It is much better than Intel's integrated crap. That's not to say it's very strong, either. Be sure and use "Native" with GSdx hardware mode. Really, it's no surprise you could get better speeds with software mode. Your CPU totally out-classes your GPU. If I were you, I would consider OCing that GPU, if anything.

Have you tried turning down the speedhacks a bit? Mainly the [Not Recommended] ones.

I'd say your CPU is definitely capable and your GPU should be, too. Especially if Dysun can with a weaker laptop (no offense Smile). Just know that you will have limits.
A 310M is not crap. I run a 260M that can handle Crysis at 40 fps, and this chip is ultimately a rebranded 9800M GPU. The problem is that emulation still is not optimized depending on the game. I would suggest you make sure you are in high performance mode and aren't using your laptop on battery only (in other words, plug it into the wall) when you play games. Also, you can OC your 310M following the instructions here:
Dont let people tell you that you'll crash and burn your laptop if you overclock the GPU. Just make sure the temperature never goes above 75-80C and you're fine. I have my 260M overclocked and its no big deal. These newer mobile CPUs and GPUs are made with overclocking in mind.
And don't mind iakoboss7. He's just having a rough day, I suppose.
nah my days are just fine Tongue

actually a 260 is by far better than a 310.... as for OCing the gpu in a laptop... well try getting 80c constant in your laptop and in 1 year you will cry over it... (suggested temps are below 70c at MAXIMUM and only for short time if you want it to operate as it should..) also running crysis at 40fps doesnt mean anything.... i dont know your settings or monitor resolution but even if i knew and they where HIGH still emulation is something totally different!

and well if you dont know what you are doing yeap you will kill your poor lappy!

last actually a 310 was not made for that cause its not an "enthiusiast" level of gpu but the lowest-end of 300 series = not for gaming just casual staff....

edit: corrected mistakes i did from the speed i was writing lol Tongue
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Crap is a harsh word, still the practical outcome is the same, most laptops are inadequate to play games in general and heavy emulators in special. We are dealing with physical limitations, overclocking in this special case will not bring enough to compensate the temperature rising (always a concern source in the already tight laptop space).

I'm sure the lappy brings and will continue to bring happiness to you even if it can't do everything it was not meant to do from start, it may yet run PS2 games more CPU than graphic intensive, I dare to say it'll run Shadow hearts nicely, that is a game that playing in software mode is better than in hardware accelerated mode. That should be valid for many others not graphics demanding games since the GPU is indeed the weakest link in the chain.
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@ galca002:

Don't even try to justify the potential performance of a 310M by saying your 260M is good. It's like comparing apples to... watermelons. That, and due to the much better aspects of the 260M (GTS or GTX), the performance gained from OCing would be greater by the MHz (not as beneficial for a 310M). That vague reference to Crysis isn't helping, either (what CPU? what settings?). And who said a 310M was crap?

@ nosisab Ken Keleh:

Hey, crap is a very appropriate word for integrated mobile GPUs. No where near as harsh as the word I wanted to use. Smile

I do agree with most of what you're saying, only I think "most laptops are inadequate" mostly thanks to said "crap". That, and cheap (therefor affordable) designs. You get what you pay for (usually).

@ Acebug5:

Don't OC your GPU over 70c. It's not a sensible temperature to exceed if you want your laptop to last.
@ Rezard, You make some very valid points. But i think I am not going to overclock anything. Its a little to risky with my current situation. I would be better off buying or building a desktop pc with higher specs.
(07-17-2010, 05:37 PM)Acebug5 Wrote: @ Rezard, You make some very valid points. But i think I am not going to overclock anything. Its a little to risky with my current situation. I would be better off buying or building a desktop pc with higher specs.

Now that is a sensible posture. The lappy is honest and does nicely what it's meant to, but sadly it can't do miracles and should not be forced to it. Still it may ever run some games nicely, specially those that run fine in software graphics mode, as already told.

OFF topic and does not sheds any light to the thread but... My wife got an HP lappy centrino based as a gift from our daughter, I don't even know about the video it uses... I know for sure I don't want to try PCSX2 on it ... Smile
Imagination is where we are truly real

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