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Slow performance.
Ok. I only try the option in a special zone, maybe it doesn't help in most case.

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I can confirm that by disabling the MTVU hack, all the games i tried run better.

With MTVU hack and 8-bit textures enabled, i can run ZOE 2 full speed (2x native) with an i5 4670 stock speed (3.8GHz turbo). Colin MCrae 2003 and Wipeout Fusion also seem to run better.

I thought the MTVU hack was a performance gain option but it seems it's doing the opposite so far for me. Haven't tested more games but i think i will leave it disabled by default.
The MTVU hack can reduce the speed. There is a list somewhere with problems (crashes and slowdowns) depending on the game.

You can try to overclock the EE in the speedhacks section (which should normally reduce speed without MTVU) and check if that improves the situation with MTVU. If the EE is waiting to long for the VU thread to finish you gain no speed. If you overclock the EE the overhead of threading VU might be compensated - increasing the cpu usage in the EE and VU thread and the FPS. At least somebody reported that once.
same problem here whit fps bandai game in version pcsx2-20160403-x86 1.5.0 Strange... in old veersion pcsx2-r5875 i have same option + fx + shader but fps is good normal speed in movie all is good... but now is problem last version, same 1.4.0
i use GS plugin gsdx-sse2 it seems to me that something is wrong with the " exe " file because I use the same plug-in versions of both the old and the new and still new version has a problem with stability, win 10 pro 64x AMD APU A8 3870 8 GB DUAL 1866Mhz R7 250X
Now every time I have to use some options EE cycles because they have only 45 fps when I use cycles, it again is a problem with something else, for example, with the sound of some techniques for instance in Naruto. even disabling shaders and setting the lowest native resolution does not help
in the new version you have kobinowańá of cylklami EE Sad Please fix, is that at least it was like in the old version of PCSX2-r5875 {1.2.1)
Please open your own thread. It would be good to debug which exact version starts making problems. However this is not your thread and probably both problems are unrelated (as game and pc configuration differ a lot).

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