Well I recently recieved accel 2 in the mail and I dont have my ps2 here in college so I tried to latest version of pcsx2 .09.7 and it started smoothly and the videos even ran perfectly but as soon as i got to the figting it just went to about 30 FPS..

Did i do something wrong or is my comp not fast enough (it can play dmc4 almost flawlessly tho Huh)

comp specs

AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

AMD Phenom II N660 Dual Core Processor 3.00 GHZ
4.00 GB Ram Windows 7 64 bit

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Quote:it can play dmc4 almost flawlessly

AFAIK, Dmc 4 isn't a PS2 game.

I guess your GPu may be at fault here. A mobile GPU isn't the best to play pcsx2. trys setting ionternal res to native and use some speedhacks
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Your laptop isnt the best when it comes to pcsx2 so dont expect to get fullspeed in all games. I dont have any idea how demanding accel 2 is tho so you may very well be able top run it. Your cpu is ok but your gpu is weak so make sure you set internal resolution to native. Try using SuperVU(usually a little faster but less compatible) also try using some speedhacks. It would help if you post your settings/plugins aswell.

Quote:AFAIK, Dmc 4 isn't a PS2 game.

Right didnt think of that, he may be reffering to the pc version. Which isnt a good way to compare games.
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I really appreciate the quickk responses you guys are great and Ill try using what you said. I meant DMC4 for the pc lol because I thought it was a much more taxing game but then I didn't factor all the underlying processes of running the emu and what not.

But my plugin setting is like this

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