Slowdown/Stuttering in Gran Turismo 3
I am trying to play through the game but it stutters a lot during the start of Races/license tests, and during certain sections of certain tracks (like a basic oval track)
And it also stutters in replay mode when it changes camera angles in most cases.

My Hardware
Core i7 950@ 4.2Ghz
6GB DDR3 RAM @1600Mhz
GTX 460 1GB V1 @Stock voltage OC'd to 830Mhz Core,2000Mhz Memory.

Using PCSX2 R5128 with all relevant plugins (SSE 4.1 GS etc)
I am running the game @2560x1440;game in 16:9 mode;(With FXAA, which i've tried toggling on and off with pretty much 0 performance hit) and my GPU Usage only gets as high as 77% to maintain 60FPS
During the slowdown sections GPU usage drops to 40% and CPU usage is only around 20% and None of the Emulator Meters (EE,VU etc) Go over 30-50%

It runs a perfect 60FPS(with 0 slowdown or stuttering) in SW mode but that's no fun and 2560X1440 delivers much better IQ than most of the NativeX or lower resolution modes. And using any AA hacks cause slowdown it seems like when using lower internal resolutions

Also using my own Ripped ISO off my desktop.
I've tried DX9,11.
Has anyone ever gotten this game to work 100% stutter/slowdown free @ such a high resolution?

EDIT: I tried just playing with 3XNative and FXAA and slowdown is just as bad if not worse/

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Im afraid theres not much chance of that due to the way GSDX caches the information on the screen it requires a lot of memory on the GT games and will consume masses of memory. The only way youre going to manage it is using a lower res im afraid, unless you get a video card with 4gb of ram and 16gb of system ram ;p then you might be okay
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D: it's not even using a lot of RAM.
VRAM usage on average during slowdown area was only between 400-800Mb. And PC RAM usage didn't seem so bad. But thanks anyway. It's playable enough without significant slowdown between 1280x720-1920x1080 and 2/3X internal.
The detailed setup and troubleshooting efforts for the game performance are impressive!
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