Slowdown on SmackDown: JBI
I've used this emulator in the past, on my older computer for FFX and I eventually got some decent settings and could play it pretty much perfectly safe for a few graphical glitches and frame skipping. I'm trying to play a game that was out at the same time and really, should be easier to play; SmackDown JBI and I need some settings for my computer, will I be able to run this game at a decent speed? I've fiddled about and had the menu's sped up and I've got the game running alright so I'm sure there is some settings for it but I kept fiddling and am looking for something a bit better.

Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
NVVIDIA GeForce GT 120

Any high speed settings anyone has to offer? Cheers.

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(08-21-2011, 04:53 AM)lolspud Wrote: ... I'm trying to play a game that was out at the same time and really, should be easier to play

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Sad

FFX is one of the easier games to emulate well. Smackdown games are typically CPU heavy, and yours is on the slower side for PCSX2 (2.33Ghz). I don't believe it has a very good chance for decent enough speed. Is the EE% (on the window's titlebar) running high when the game is slow?

I could mention, though;
PCSX2 has had additional threading implemented in recent revisions. You could check out an SVN (as of r4865) and see if the MTVU speedhack works well with this game. You may even get a nice boost being on a quad core, but know that this will not help every game (and may even lower FPS in some).

Otherwise; get the most you can out of speedhacks in general.
It's not just the speed, it seems. Got a decent result but I'm getting really buggy graphics issues during matches. It seems almost unplayable.

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