Slowdown on good pc possible fix (Sorry if it's already been told)
Alright so.. what I discovered today is that my laptop has a dedicated MX450 graphics card but it wasn't running the ps2 games good (particularly Call of Duty Finest Hour). By the time I entered the game the framerate would half. But then I went to the general settings and changed frame cap settings to 80 fps (Both NTSC and PAL to be sure)


The framerate still halved. But instead of to 30 fps it was around 60-70. 

So if you have this problem like me you should adjust the framerate cap setting you see fit.

Don't do a odd number or disable it completely though, the game will go super fast and you'll be not able to play it otherwise.

(Also I'm sorry if someone posted something like this before, I'll delete it if it needs removal)

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