Slowdown problems

I'am hoping someone can help me. Recently I have started to have problems with PCSX2. Every 10 second or so it slows down however it doesnt show in the window. It's always showing 59-60 fps. This happens on all games. I have tried dx9 and 11. I have tried all speedhacks, i have... I have tried everything. Even different versions of PCSX2. My cpu doesnt get to hot and neither does my gpu when this happens. I can't find anything that seem to make this happen. In case you wonder I have a i5 4670k oc @ 4.8ghz with a gtx 980 ti. It doesnt have to do with the overclock because as I said, this problem just started for me. 

I hope someone can help me since this is driving me crazy.

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Have you also tried turning off speedhacks or just using all default settings?
I know now that this problem doesn't appear when I run in OGL. It's wierd because D3D has always worked before. Maybe I should try to re-install the gpu.

Ok I think I might have found the solution. I'am writing this for anyone who might have this problem in the future. I just enabled v-sync in the Nvidia menu for pcsx2. Wierd.

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