Slowdown question on 3d games
Ok, I am having an odd problem and I don't know why in the world this is occurring. When I play my ps2 games on my hdtv, they work pretty well. I can up the internal and external resolutions to 720p (this is on a 1080p set) and generally get 60fps on games such as ffxii and persona 4.

But, when I play on my older crt monitor, the games, with the exact same settings, go slower. Even when I lower my resolutions to 1024x768 it still has fps issues. Also, I tried lowering my settings to 800x600 external and 1024x768 and it still got fussy. Lastly, I put it at 800x600 with the native box checked and it was happy (but defeats the purpose for why i got the emulator: to have my games look better)

The last question I have, and this is true of both displays, is that the menu in ffxii goes very slow unless on native. This is only in the menu. When i leave the menu it runs fine again.

Here are my specs:

AMD Phenom II X2 3.1ghz
nvidia 9500gt 1gb
6 gb ram
Vista 64 bit

I have messed with multiple settings with the speed hacks, so it does not seem to be related to them. Thank you!

Oh, forgot: this is on the sept 20th beta version.

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For the FFXII menu slowdown try turning off "Allow 8-bit textures" if available to you, if not available or doesnt help sorry but your graphics card doesnt help you.
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The monitor issue could be a fixed display (LCD) versus scaling display (CRT), but to be honest, I've never heard of anything like that. You could check your refresh rate, set to 60Hz and turn on V-sync. I'm told V-sync can slow things down, but it'll force your CRT to run at the same Hz as your LCD.

As for the slowdowns in general, Shadow Lady's correct, the 9500 GT is just a DX10 rebranded 8600GT, in essence. It's not particularly powerful, though it can be upgraded cheaply these days.
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