Slowdown when recording
I'm trying to use PCSX2 to play Resident Evil: Code Veronica. The game runs perfectly smooth at 60 FPS at all other times, but when I try to record the game with FRAPS, at certain times during the game the framerate will drop to 30 or less and the sound will become distorted and slow. It seems to correlate with lots of things happening on screen, so maybe it's performance related? But it doesn't happen when I'm not recording.

All my settings are default, and I have it set to native resolution, no v-sync, and I even tried having FRAPS record at half-resolution.

Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1045T Processor 2.70GHz
Windows 7 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

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Recording any game being emulated or a real PC game, it will always slow down your pc.
However, most of the time if you record and it slows to 30 fps, FRAPS will speed it up to 50/60 fps when you watch the finished clip.
Thanks for your reply, however I watched recorded segments of when the slowdown occurs and it is indeed present in the finished segment.

Also, I am aware recording slows down the framerate, but that isn't the issue here. During some segments of gameplay, while being recorded, it stays at a constant 60 FPS. But at other points it drops to an even 30 FPS, doesn't go any lower, and the sound is distorted.
Just use the built-in gsdx recorder to record your gameplay. Refer to the guide as to how.
are you recording to a second harddrive? or is it the same you running the iso from? cause it might block the disc from getting streamed music from the iso while fraps is writing the video to disc. this' like the programs blocking each other disc access temporarily. maybe.

dunno how you'd solve that tho. the fraps best regular option is to record to second disc exclusively. or you might wanna try to play the game from dvd while fraps is using the other SATA controller for the hard disc write. :/

ofc as posted... the other (slower) option is to use the builtin recorder and be happy about constant 60 but not a cool game.
Everything is taking place on the same harddrive, I'm running the game from my legit disc copy.
recording WILL slowdown pcsx2. you'll have to get used to it
Just press F12 and record with internal recorder, read the guide as suggested already for any details. Recording will still slow down, but the resulting movie will be at full speed.
when i using psx2 1.6.0 im getting fps drops down to 30 during cut scenes an loading screens it go like normal an drop down back an forth if i start recording from psx2 it runs like normal

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