Slower CPU - Playability Options?
hey guys...

i appreciate this is really my first post but i was quite anxious mainly due to the shock of getting this running pretty well. apologies if this is in the wrong place etcetc.... i'm just quite impressed with what i've done.... so this is a bit of a gloating session mixed with questions really! (maybe gloating is the wrong word... shock is probably better, lol)

i've just downloaded PCSX2 playground. its amazlingly awesome and runs a lot lot better than i was expecting..... many thanks!!

i managed to get it running at 40/50 frames per second which is a world record for me. i've even got sound albeit a bit choppy and slow. still its much better that i've ever managed previously. all good but i just get the feeling that i can do more with it. i know i can get 60fps i just know it.

heres my specs: -
Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330 1.60ghz
2gb RAM
Windows Vista Home Premium (yeah i know.... laugh it up.....)
No graphics card.

ok i'm running a program called ProcessTamer to give the PCSX2 exe full process power and i've even increased the process priority in the options on PCSX2. in the cpu options i am running all the dual core and mmx options and i've set all the options to componsate for speed as opposed to quality (well the ones that are obvious anyway).

what i wanna do is reduce the graphical quality and reduce the sound quality a bit which i think will do the trick. i'm willing to trade graphics for smoothness but i want the full monty (that is graphics/sound running 60fps). thing is i don't know what options do what.... i am running all default plugins since that seems the easiest way to do things.

can anyone shed some light on this?? i can almost feel 60fps.....
does the type of game have any bearing on the speed. e.g. 2d capcom game for example??

basically i wanna get the PCSX2 emulator running well..... i know i'm close!!

has anyone had any experiences running PCSX2 on low spec machines without a graphics card? are there any software solutions that will help speed up the emulator? i'm constantly using RAMcleaner as well which seems to help....

i would appreciate any kind of help or advice......... my stubborness has gotten me my 40/50fps so if thats as far as i can go then i guess thats cool!

many thanks once again for this emulator. great stuff!

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You not a bit closer, than you be at start. It's physically impossible to trade graphical pover for EE speed -- they are settled in different threads and served by different cores. So even you show no graphic's at all, you could not get another FPS (well, it's not exact, but 0.1% of speedup). And don't think you nb have no videocard -- it have, but not very powerful. You COULD turn sound off, it very good solution for you.
appreciate your help on this.... i've managed to fiddle around with the frameskip options in the cpu menu....(finally found them, lol) and have been fiddling around with them ever since. i've managed to force 60fps with frame skip.. its near as damn it perfect!! god bless the legend that made this fine emulator!! woohoo i am loving it!!!
btw, what game are you trying?
PC Specs: AMD FX 8350, 16GB RAM, GTX 780
Games beaten with PCSX2: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Persona 4
american version of capcom fighting evolution. frame skip options to skip if frame rate drops below 60fps, all cpu speed hacks on.

just recenly tried the european version of pro evo soccer 6, slow as hell 25-30fps. but if you turn the sound off its playable at 35-40fps. ugh.....
you need to upgrade your computer. (it is just what i am thinking.)

P.S: T2330 is Mobile Processor..... are you using laptop PC or something??
Intel Core2 Duo E6600 @ 2700Mhz (Conroe) (poor O.C)
ATI(AMD) Radeon HD4850
SB Audigy LS

And...... I am a korean.
(So please don't complain about my english BlushBlush )
I second that.

Onboard graphics and still 60fps seems to be good, but as soon as you encounter "real" 3D content or cpu intense stuff, the frame rates will drop below 20.
Running on a Quad 2.5GHz AMD, RadeonHD3300 (onboard-graphics) - so here its both limiting PCSX2 too.

You can't do much about it unless you find a way to drastically improve the effectivity of the PCSX2 code (which I doubt that it'll be possible that easy), you will need to invest some money into a better computer - or use a real PS2. Sad

Regards, Bigfoot29
yeah i know what your saying..... i just get excited when i get 60fps cos i know my cpu is pants. lol.

just started playing through thunderforce iv and it works like a dream at 60fps...... whats that all about then?

the pro evo 6 test was a regular disc boot. are there compatibility problems booting a game this way? should i try booting an image rather than a disc?? *shrugs*

................. just got thinking shouldn't i be putting my tests in a thread or something...??

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