Slowness and hitches with Digital Devil Saga 2
Hello all

First Post

My Specs are as follows

AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition Quad @2.6Ghz per core
4 GB Coursair Dominators DDR2 1066
ASUS ENGTX 465 series video card at 1 GB Video Ram
Using PCSX2 0.9.8

Digital Devil Saga is Mostly perfect, other then the occasional hit here and there when some of the cooler spells are cast and when loading battles sometimes, but , expecially in larger areas and cinematics, when you have more then 3 people rendered, it takes pretty large 20-30 fps drops, which of course slows up the sound etc. Not end of the world, but I've done some tweaking, enabled speed hacks(Left the sliders alone, enabled all the speed hacks except fast CD/DVD)
Got th GS plugin in Direct X 11 Hardware, but it's no different then dc 9 software, no noticble change in performance and native ps2 resolution

The Sound is set to Linear, disabled reverb effects, using Xaudio 2, latency 150ms, sync mode to timestretch

Sorry for wall of text, is there anything you guys can suggest so that I can get more seamless performance?
Edit - forgot to mention, set the PCSX2 app in Task Manager to have realtime priority. I tried switching affinity to just 2 cores, as I know PCSX2 is optimized for dual cores, but it made no difference performance wise so back at 4 core affinity. I found it helped, gave me a 1-2 fps boost, but still get the big drops as above

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Edit 2 - Overclocking my Processor from 2.6 ghz to 3ghz a core gave me a pretty big boost, about 10 fps or so. Cant go higher cause higher then 3.0 makes my system a little unstable, cant boot into windows with clock at 3.4 ghz a core Sad
still though, 48 fps at first town with entire town in view
If you're using 0.9.8 now, you could try latest svn build from few revisions ago some more demanding games got really nice speedups from new gif transfer rewrite. Worth a try especially that it seems CPU is limiting your speed in this game.

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