Slowness with a fast machine. Help?
My specs are:

Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz - 3.40GHz with Turbo Boost

Which are supposedly more than enough to play most games at least with native speed. I've tried changing settings in the graphics plugin, but I can't tell any difference, even between min settings and 4x native resolution rendering with 8x MSAA etc. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and I get half speed (30fps) in from the first cutscene in destiny islands, that is, from the first time there is some significant number of things to display.

The title bar of the emulator says the GS usage is in the 25-55, depending on the settings I put, but the EE usage is in the 95-100%. I don't know if I'm interpreting it correctly, but I think this means the slowness is caused by the CPU? Which is strange, because it's a Gen 3.5 Core-i7 (the very latest). If this isn't enough then nothing short of a cluster could get playable speeds. Tongue It's obvious then, that there is some problem, though I am at a loss as to what to do. If anybody could lend me a hand, that'd be great.

PS: Task manager shows 30-40% of CPU usage during emulation (CPU has 4 physical cores, 8 logical) vs 0-2% idle.

PPS: Windows benchmarks give 7.6 to the CPU and 7.1 to the GPU (that's quite high).

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which game ?
edit : sorry, didn't see you were asking support again for the same downloaded game

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