Slowown at random moments on shadow hearts.
My gaming rig
Rx 480oc@1450mz
[email protected]
Corshair 650 watt
gigabyte b360m ds3h motherboard
Windows 10 home.

I am using the latest version of pcsx2 and on dx11 shadow hearts runs smooth in the beginning but as soon as the main character breaks through the train the game drops to 84% and nothing is being maxed out. Cpu usage even shows at not all 6 cores are being maxed out and i know that pcsx2 only uses 3 at most. But some parts like certain cities do have some slowdown and the weird issue is that it is very random. I know that XenoSaga 1 is a cpu intensive game but i run perfectly fine. It's only this game that gives me this weird performance issue. Also i was not sure if i should make a separate thread about this issue but why is sly cooper so blurry at 1080p and how can i fix that?

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