Sluggish controls
Let me just start by saying that I'm impressed with the work done here to sucessfully emulate the PS2 console to the extent it does now, but I have a problem with the response time in the controls while using a joystick.

I'm using a MadCatz Xbox 360 wired controller, and I'm playing Megaman X Collection, MMX3 to be exact. While I'm playing, I notice that the controls greatly lag. The gap of time in between me hitting a button and the action happening ranges from 1/10th to 1/4th a second, definately a noticable pause. Is there a setting I can adjust or anything I can do to improve control responsiveness? Or is it a fault that will have to be worked out on the programer's end?

Thank you for your time.

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what FPS do you have on the game?
Sounds like you're not running at full speed (60fps NTSC or 50fps PAL).

If your FPS is below 60 (or 50), you could improve it by using Speedhacks.

Also, it's could be important that you post you system specs, unless you've refered to the stickies and know your PC is plenty qualified.
really, why don't we just say what I just did.. now I gotta get my hands on this one, see how it runs on my PC lol
Funny when that happens. 1 minute apart. LOL
Oh, I'm hitting 58-60 FPS no problem. MMX Collection is basically three SNES and three PSX games coded into PS2 language, and doesn't require a lot of power, and there is absolutely NO choppiness at all. This controller works well with my NDS emulator, just something in the settings or the programming that creates a small wait time. Like I push the control stick to the right, the character stands still for about a moment before moving. Then I release the stick, and the character moves a little ways further before stopping. Same goes with jumping and firing the weapon. Again, no choppiness, all the frames are there and is smooth as glass, just slow to respond.
post your PCSX2 setting and speedhacks screens (VU and speedhacks)
disable speedhack if you use any.
Disabled the speedhacks, but it dodn't really help. Game didn't slow down any, but didn't help the control speed any. \
and you still didn't post what I asked of you either

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