Sly 2 Band of Thieves ?
anybody tried the game?

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why don't u try it and let us know?
Is It Available in Compability List?
[Image: devilmaycry4wallpaper09.png]
Cpu 3.76ghz coreduo, graphic card: 8800

Pcsx2-1059, Gsdx 1006.

Playable with Bugs, 56 - 60 fps

press F9 - Fixed bugs. BUT 36-45 fps
I think I know where that "vertical lines" graphical corrution comes from in Sly 2 and Sly 3.

There is a 3D feature in the game (here and there, but it's really a part of the graphic engine of the game).
3D, as in two images tinted red and blue, combed together slightly offseted from eachother. When the game is in normal mode, that extra image or screen should not be rendered or be visible. It would appear that that that's what gets messed up in gsdx HW mode, somehow that extra sceen of the 3D rendering should be disabled or unerlayed...
I hope any of the gsdx programers read this and find it useful...
Was it really necessary to dig up this old thread only to point to the other old thread you dug up. Which by the way is right below this one as I write this.
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Heh, both of the threads had a duplicate text too before they died.

Closing this.
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