Sly 2 Black Characters pcsx2 1.4.0

I have been playing Sly 2: band of thieves on Pcsx2 1.4.0 and all of the characters and NPCs are all black with no textures and will go in and out of displaying textures. However, most of the time they are jsut all black. Any settings known to fix this? I am playing in hardware mode.

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hello there, for future reference, please let us know what specs your computer is to help you out better but I can tell you straight up that the problem is located in 'Emulation Settings' under EE/IOP and VU's. You must set both rounding modes to 'Chop/Zero' and the clamping modes to 'Normal' that SHOULD fix the black character problem. Because this is what I use and I do A LOT of configurating.
For some reason my VU clamping mode was not set to normal, but None. Weird because I never touch those settings. Fixed the problem, thanks.

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