Sly 2 Performance Issues
I have tried for weeks to get sly 2 to run properly but it just keeps dropping to 30 fps in some points of the game and runs around 45-50 on average. In order to get the game to run at a steady 60 fps, I have to turn speedhacks all the way up which completely destroys the graphics and it is more annoying than enjoyable to play now. Anyone have any suggestions? My pc says that my CPU is running around like 50% during gameplay and my GPU at like 30-40%, but pcsx2 says my EE and GS are at like 100% most times, i don't understand, my temps are super low running around 30s for both CPU and GPU so clearly my system isn't struggling at all but the game simply won't cooperate, someone please help. Every single other game runs perfectly so far.

AMD FX-6300 OC @ 4.1 GHz w/ Corsair H100i v2 
16gb ram
GTX 1050Ti SSC

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What are your GSdx settings?

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