Sly 3 Settings Help
I am trying to tweak the emulator for Sly 3 on my computer, but i have tried everything but the game still loses frames, looks like the game goes in slow motion.

Please help with the settings.

My specs:

GTX 970

Intel i5 4590S

8Gb Ram

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Make sure you don't use higher than native resolution. But anyways, you will get slowdowns with that CPU.
Sly series a nightmare to emulate.

Better play it in your real PS2 for now,until you can afford a better cpu
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Very difficult game to run at full speed, I get slowdowns as well on my system and my CPU is fairly new.
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What's the crc of your game?

If it's one of these make sure you have gsdx crc hack level set to full and it should run fine.

8BC95883, 8164C614 or A8CC1583

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