Sly Cooper 1,2 and 3
Will the sly cooper games run on my P.C at native resolution,Speedhacks enabled etc?

My PC:
Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge(Dual Core.2.5 ghz.Turbo boost to 3.1 ghz)
Intel HD Graphics 4000
4 gb RAM

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(06-19-2012, 08:10 AM)MotoTriu Wrote: Intel HD Graphics 4000


*cough* but no really, good luck with that.

(What I'm saying is that you basically have no dedicated GPU and therefore you're gonna have a bad time playing nearly any game, let alone use PCSX2).
Ohh but as far as I know The intel 4000 is on par with some of the lower end dedicated GPU's and the guys at pcsx2 seem to have gotten sly one to play fine on the intel 3000( ) .And is there absolutely no way that I can get sly cooper to run even when tinkering with the settings? Im extremley desperate to get this running(as you could probably already tell).
Take a look at my guide in my signature. Try the highest performance one. Mess around with the EE and VU sliders a bit.

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