Sly Cooper 3 graphics issue
hey guys, first time post on here. I'm having some trouble playing the third sly cooper game. i just got the emulator (on account of my playstation's audio/video cords getting destroyed by my dog and not know where to go to replace them) and I've really been enjoying going back and playing my games again. The only thing I've had trouble with so far is Sly Cooper 3, the game runs at maybe 15 fps (I run starcraft on medium to high with at least 30-50 fps) anyone know why this is happening? (screen shot below)

[Image: 208049_204246622931332_100000379864161_6...0368_n.jpg]

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try the native resolution in gsdx. If that doesn't fix it try the software renderer.
has anyone found a fix for this. To be honest I'm on my Macbook, but I've gotten a menu to come up but when it goes to the first cut scene the screen is swirling blue and then slowly deteriorates into: [Image: saOz3.png]

also when is the 0.9.7 version coming out for Mac?
Eaganr, most issues for Sly Cooper are fixed in Windows' version of 0.9.8, although I don't know anything about the client on Macs.
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is there not a graphics plugin for mac that will fix this? I have a GMA X3100 card on my Macbook

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