Sly Cooper Audio Cuts
I'm pretty new to PS 2 Emulating so keep that in mind. I am having some problems with Sly Cooper 1, including the screen vibrating up and down fast, one time i think I pressed one of the function keys and that fixed it but I don't know if that was just a coincidence or not. Also, every now and then some character will be talking and the audio for that character will stop. It will continue the next time someone else talks but it may cut off again. It's really annoying because I'm missing out on the experience. I am sue it's not a performance issue because I have a brand new very good computer I just built and it can run a constant 60 fps easy so it's not performance. I literally have not touched the configuration files because I didn't have too. I just downloaded it, tried it, and it worked, so I didn't mess around with it. I can deal with the vibrating screen but the audio cuts are really annoying, is there any way anyone can help me fix this? Thanks so much to the community and I am glad for any help you can give! Biggrin

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The first problem is with deinterlacing; you switched the deinterlace method when you hit one of the function keys (can't recall which).

Not sure about the second, but it's probably a bug with your audio plugin. I have never encountered this problem playing Sly Cooper before.

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