Sly Cooper issues
Hi, I'm a bit new to PCSX2. But anyway, I read and followed the English Config guide for the parameters of my system, and basically I have this problem: I have an .iso of Sly Cooper 1 and I tried the EFP Iso CDDVD Driver 0.6.0, but I kept getting crashes. I switched to Gigaherz's CDDVD Plugin 0.7.0 and now it doesn't crash, but I just get an infinite black screen. If I choose Run=>Execute, I get the BIOS screen, but I'm stuck at it. Also, with Gigaherz's plugin, I have it set to look for the ISO in Drive F, where I use PowerISO to mount the Sly Cooper ISO. Please let me know if you need anything more from me.

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Have you also tried Linuzappz Iso plugin? Worked for me when I played the game.
Do you mean the one that says Linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0? Or is that another plug-in? Also, are you having to mount the .iso on a software or do you use only the plug-in. Do you have any software that can open an .iso and see the files inside? Because I noticed my .iso's files seem strange in comparison to a PS2 CD/DVD's files. The thing is, I got my .iso to work before, I'm not sure what happened.
Nevermind that last post, I got it figured out. It's working now.

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