SmackDown -Shut your mouth question...

I want to know about possibility to play WWE SmackDown - Shut Your mouth, cause i can't find it status in Compatibility List...
- It's playable at all ?Blink

Well, when I start the game, I can see memory card cheking, logo, intro movie and press start screen. If don't push star, can even see ingame demo process. But as soon as push the start button, go loadin, and apprars "abra-cadabra" screen (bug, incorret) where nofing nothing happens. Only music still playing...Sad

[Image: pcsx2r87420090414170101.jpg]

Tested on many variations of emulator(scince Plyground version, to 0.9.6) and lasted plugins

- Could you help me with it ?

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it should be.. what plugins are you using?
GSdx 887 (MSVC 15.00, SSE41)0.1.14
LilyPa9 0.9.10
linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0
SPU2ghg 1.9.0

Try use ZeroGS - no matter too. Sad

Maybe need use special advance setings for this game? - try too, but also no effect.

Version of game: Eng, Pal, SLES_512.83
what speedhacks are you using, if any?
EE Sinc HAck not use at all - Default Cycle Rate.

Usually use INTC Sync Hack and Enable IOPx2 Cycle Rate, but try and without both of them - its also not playable

Saiki, you got to run and play it?
I don't own SYM, but I have played SvR2k6

Use EE 1.5 and disable the others and see if it works, if not, disable them all and try again
No, still not wirking... Sad

I think this game not emulated at all , couse it does not appear in the list of compatibility (SvR2k6, there is) or special patch, that will skip after-press-start screen needed...
if it's legal to... send me your elf fiel, and I'll get a copy of the ntsc one and try to patch it.
What is "elf fiel" ??? - not unerstand :-/
If you about it :
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLES_512.83;1
loadElfFile: 4443356
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLES_512.83;1; CRC = D1D97A29


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