Smackdown vs Raw 2008 - gm mode bug!?
Hi guys, i truly hope that some svr expert will read this and help me. Here's the fact. I played the gm mode using my pcsx2 and all went well, i beat other rosters and won the gm of the year etc etc ... now i wanted to start it again using another roster. So i started, made drafts, heel\face and so on. I started this new gm mode and noticed 1 thing: my fan number doesn't increase, it only decreases. For example i made ppv vengeance and when done it said "Fan changed: Raw + 550,000 fans" i went to the fan view to check and the numbers, and they were perfectly the same they were before the ppv. So my fan numbers only decrease and it never increase significantly. I've tried everything, change difficulty, enabling\disabling injuries and stars' morale. I also thought that it could be my pnach cheat file, o i tried to start it again disabling it, but nothing.....any idea, suggestion, explaination?
I hope this is right section for this thread

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Hmm. This is interesting. It could be a bug in PCSX2. All we can do is wait for someone else with this game to see what they say.
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I'm so pissed off, i hope someone will come with a solution. O another thing. After my ppv i usually get the "raw +500,00", and when i go check the fan page, the number, as i said, doesn't change while the line representing my show on the graphic goes up significantly (like i'm getting thos 500,00 fans). But as i go through the week, the line of my show suddenly falls down to the point where it was before the ppv, while my number remains the same or keeps on decreasing.
what was your cheat doing when it was activated? Something related?
I don't understand your question. It's not a in-game cheat, it's a pnach file
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(12-19-2014, 02:01 AM)sirburton Wrote: I don't understand your question. It's not a in-game cheat, it's a pnach file
willuker asked "whether, your cheat was related to the problem you noticed" and pnach files cause more errors than in-game saves Tongue
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as i wrote, i tried it both with and without pnach, the problem stays. However my pnach is just an "unlock-all" code
i tried changing bios too, but nothing. Now i'll try to start again the game but the US version instead of the previous pal...any other suggestion?
anyone has has a pnach code to unlock all for svr 2008 SLUS_216.45 / 6CFEFAC1
one question (i'm trying everything lol)
is the master code necessary inside the pnach file or useless? I don't have it in my pnach and cheat works
ok. I've a tried a usa svr 2008 and another european with different crc from previous. The problem is always the same. So it must be one of the following 3
1) when i do gm mode i put injuries, morale and title too to off in options...maybe this affect the score in anyway?
2) the pnach file....but i remember that the first time i ended gm mode and won it, i had pnach too
3) some file of my pcsx2....
solutions? >_<

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