Small Sound and Graphics Problems
Hi all,

Fantastic new release, at least I can get a game to run! However I have two small issues regarding sound and graphics:

1. I am using the default sound plugin that comes with the snow leopard bundle (ZeroSPU2 Playground 0.4.6) but I get no sound at all when I run either the bios or a game (I only have FFX to try out at the moment). The test button shows that it should be working correctly.
2. I have set the graphic settings to full screen but the game loads in a window. If I press alt-enter as advised nothing happens.
3. I am using the latest intel mac mini running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and the frame rate isn't fantastic. Can somebody recommend optimal settings for this system?

On the plus side, controller inputs work fine using a PS3 dualshock. PSX2 doesn't like paths with spaces in the name though and if it would be nice to be able to specify a games folder.

If anyone can help on the 3 issues I am having I would be more than grateful.

Many thanks!

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check your sound plugin settings to ensure that the Mute checkbox isn't active. By default it is turned on. I get the same fullscreen issue, but you can just hit the green bubble in the top left to expand the window to fill the screen and this works fine.
Thanks for your help, it was indeed set to mute. How about graphics settings? Any idea on the optimal run settings for the graphics (for speed rather than graphic quality)? When videos are playing my FPS is around 30 (in a window). The green bubble works ok but has some strange graphics issues outside of the window. I hope the full screen is fixed in the next version.
check that the bilinear filtering and AA are turned off for zzogl. Also check the speedhacks.
(01-30-2011, 02:39 PM)zedr0n Wrote: check that the bilinear filtering and AA are turned off for zzogl. Also check the speedhacks.

Thanks zedr0n, which hacks would be best? I noticed they were for specific games?
well, I normally do as much as I can, but I'm not really using pcsx2 to play Smile
That's fair enough Smile have done a couple of changes so will give them a try, thanks a lot for your help and your development on this project. If you can get the full screen working on your next version that would make my day Laugh

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