So Confused
So I was trying to find a way to play one of my old PS2 games without having to get a new PS2 since I do not have a PS2, so I found PCSX2 and thought this would be the perfect way to play some old games, only to find out that you need a PS2 key in order to play it.  So basically this is a too good to be true scam apparently, because if you had a PS2 anyway why would you need an emulator?  Either I'm missing something or this whole concept of an emulator is idiotic.  I'm REALLY hoping I'm missing something here.

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Yes you can keep playing on your PS2 but you loose all of the extras you get by playing it on an emulator.

Save states - you can save your progress literally anywhere and continue at the exact same place
The games look much better(if you have a good enough pc)
Easier way to use cheats
Unlimited amount of memory cards
No discs swapping for different games(all of them can be on your pc)
Much lower loading times and so on

You need a bios file(call it the PS2 OS)which you get from your PS2 because there is no other way to run games.

The pcsx2 is like the PS2 but without the bios which is copyrighted and it is against the copyright laws(and the forum rules)to share it(sony is just waiting for a reason to shut down the emulator development like they did with Bleem)
OK so once I get the bios file and get it up and running how do I play games on it? Also can you use any controller with it?
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I figured it out, thanks. One issue I'm having is some of the smasller graphics are completely pixalated. Is there a way to fix that?

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