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So does xenosaga still get slow dowsn in the fights i have a
Just try everything. If you have a reproducible situation during the game where a slowdown occurs that annoy you you have the bes possible benchmark situation.
Check if MTVU helps or slows you down. Check if widescreen hack is the issue by en/disabling it.

What are ee% and gs% values during slowdowns?

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umm ill have to load my other save slot to check it out

crap dont have it saved at that spot ill check when it happens again
I have notice at lest in OPENGL some scenes that slow down with MTVU on, slow down less when MTVU is off. In DX11 this didnt hold true at lest never did when I tested this in DX11

The times where the Slowdown happens reguardless the EE% is maxed. those same scenes that get maxed EE% and slow down in OpenGL are Completely fine in DX11 though.
another thing i cant get the fmvs to go widescreen always leaves outside image on the outside
I dont use widescreen patchs, I never have I just set pcsx2 to 16:9 mode in experience that cause issue and more make toons look way to skinny/tall

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