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So is there any disc swapping solutions about DW5?

I am new here and I will try my best not to look like a total out newbie here
Yes I know this has been asked around already but this times it only directs towards the Dynasty warriors 5 XL and the original game not the (Dynasty warriors 4 or 5 game) which has not been talked about when it comes to disc swapping. Does anybody know a solution to the disc swapping method when it comes to the Dynasty warriors 5 games?

Note: Yes I do own both of the games legally (Had to buy xtreme legends off of ebay :/) and I would use my ps2 if it didn't break down on me a couple of days ago...I really want to start playing the Dynasty warriors 5 game including with the xtreme legends..So any help/answer would be appreciated Smile

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Hello Themaxedgamer.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed, and you were already warned about piracy regarding this on your main account. Still no support. You may get support on your main account by providing us a picture of both discs with a sticky note of your username in the picture.
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